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For some reason, probably due to a lack of funding, 2007 was a very quiet year for Time Spanners, we ran a 'Galaxies 2000' multi-media event at The Henley College on June 5th, and played our first gig at the Pangbourne Fete on 16th June, which was a real hoot! We performed for the second time at the Mayor's Drive on 4th July amid thunder and lightening! We also played for the second time at Hillview Farm open day on 11th August. We also played a splendid gig by the river at Moulsford, Oxon on Sunday 26th August, which has been preserved for posterity on the Ten Years of Time Spanning DVD as well as playing for a fifth time at Thatcham Festival of the Arts on 6th October. But at none of these events did we take a camera! I wonder why?

Here are the couple of events we did photograph:


Balloons over Basingstoke in August


Most promoters who book Time Spanners have accepted that many of our participants have physical disabilities and therefore require good access, a stage that they can get onto, wide toilets, access to food and water etc.

Here is a prize for the worst gig of our career...The Royal County of Berkshire Show

Fed up Spanners at the Showground

After asking for easy access to the site we were given directions to the wrong side of the event...when we asked for transport we were told to walk... when we finally got there we had to wait for 2 hours before they would organise transport back for us by which time we were all thoroughly p****d off! Well we would have been if the toilets weren't so far away!

To make things worse the second time we were stupid enough to agree to perform for them they cancelled us with one hour's notice because the band before us were too loud! Yes you read that correctly ... the band before us!

Rant over!


2007 was also the year that our Poet- In-Residence Richard Westall launched his own web-site and book

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